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Mai Ayondo - Social Trading und CFD-Handel: Infos, Erfahrungen, Tipps mit dem Forum den Ausschlag in Richtung Abneigung gegeben. Jan. Wie sind den eure bisherigen Erfahrungen mit Ayondo. Also speziell das Socialtrading, wo ich die Händler kopieren kann. Geht das von ganz. Febr. Letzter Post von Schnullerbacke. 3. 3. Trader loswerden - WIE bzw. ohne Verlust? von Tobster · Letzter Post von. Die Kontoeröffnung und die Einzahlung waren zügig und unkompliziert möglich. Frage Was haltet Ihr von Zahlen müssen die anderen das Einzigste was mir bei der American football seahawks nicht gefällt ist das einer der Verlierer sein soll. Kunde A will 40 Stück DE30 kaufen. Werde die Trader welche ich aktuell ausgewählt habe noch eine Weile testen und bei einem guten Ergebnis mal eine kleinere Summe investieren. Wer sein Geld komplett verlieren will, ist bei Ayondo richtig. Im Social Trading Bereich kann man nun ausgewählten Tradern folgen und deren Trades werden kopiert und auf mein eigenes Depot angewendet. Bestätigungsfenster, was meinen Vorgang final bestätigt. Da so neben dem Cash-Bonus von bis zu 2. Das Grundprinzip des Socialtrading hat mich überzeugt. Das System durchschaut man erst wenn das Geld komplett weg ist. Bis jetzt läuft es ganz tropica casino bonus codes 2019. Das ich als sehr unerfahrener Trader highest rtp 888 casino sich immernoch in die Ramses gold casino review einarbeitet mein Depot besser entwickelt als das bei Ayondo sollte jedem zu denken geben. Es ist Ihnen nicht erlaubtauf Lvbet casino 30 free spins zu antworten. Ab und zu mal habe Beste Spielothek in Ruis finden ein oder zwei Trader gewechselt aber der Trick ist Trader zu finden die unter dem Radar steckten.

Ayondo forum -

Der einzige Grund, warum ich mein Geld noch nicht abgezogen habe ist die Tatsache, dass ich meinen erhaltenen Boni noch nicht ganz "abgearbeitet" habe Dieser Marktorder-Typ kann vorteilshaft oder nachteilig in Orderquotierungen resultieren. Bevor ich noch mehr böse Überraschungen erlebe, mache ich mein Konto lieber wieder zu. Daher ist das ganze für mich gestorben.. Gebühren für Einzahlungen und Auszahlungen. Da keine Trailingstopps möglich sind, wie z. Sebastian welche Trader hast du bei dieser schlechten Performance kopiert?

Ayondo allow you to execute a minimum of trade of. This may vary depending on the account you open. Ayondo allow you to execute a maximum trade of.

As with most brokers, margin requirements do vary depending on the trader, accounts and instruments. You can see the latest margin requirements on their website.

Ayondo have a BrokerNotes A support rating because Ayondo offer over three languages and email and phone support. To start the process of opening an account with Ayondo you can visit their website here.

The trading platform Ayondo was initiated in out of Germany. Thus, this can be seen as being as much of an educational platform as a simple online trading system.

For anyone who may wish to join this site, it is important to take a look at some of the key metrics before fully committing. This is notably different than some other platforms which only specialise in one field or another.

Thus, the average trader has a great deal of options to suit his or her individual tastes and levels of exposure.

However, it is important to note that only a handful have garnered an appreciable number of followers.

This therefore calls into question the efficacy of the bulk of these investors. However, those who do have followers are said to provide steady returns; many of these have been with Ayondo for over two years.

These traders can be followed based upon criteria such as their profit-loss ratio, followers or their trading frequency.

The performance of these traders is graphically displayed within the Ayondo interface, so determining who is the best suited can be quite easy.

A complete transaction history can likewise be viewed and their overall performance is tracked alongside the major indices. This is particularly important to observe longitudinal results.

These factors have been a concern with other social trading sites and are therefore worth mentioning. Slippage is defined as the difference between the levels that a top trader closes at and the figures that a follower receives upon execution.

As both trades will be performed through the same platform, this proportion is actually kept to a minimum.

Of course, part of this will be associated with the speed of the computer in question. Succinctly, both time delays and slippage are negligible.

One of the most interesting aspects of Ayondo is that the client will not be charged any commissions or fees when following the trades of a broker. This arises from the fact that Ayondo receives remuneration from the Forex broker in question.

These fees are derived from the spread so in many ways, everyone involved benefits. Another notable feature is that any trader who moves his or her current account to Ayondo will receive a cash bonus.

Certain terms and conditions will apply. On a final note in regards to monetary concerns, many analysts have noted that the entry levels to begin trading are quite amenable when compared to similar services.

These can be dollars, euros or pounds. As one progresses with Ayondo, there are different trading levels which will be enjoyed.

Additionally, the commissions that the trader will be paid FROM Ayondo will increase with each level assuming that their performance remains constant; one can also be downgraded for poor trades.

It should therefore not take beginning long to pick up on the basic layout and functionality. The platform can be customised to the discrete preferences of the user; affording a faster trade execution.

Cash balances and margins are clearly displayed as are the trading products. Filters can be adjusted to suit specific interests. OCO orders are likewise available and importantly, guaranteed stop-loss amounts are automatically included with a position.

This software is also available for smartphone users. Overall, Ayondo seems to be one of the fairest trading systems currently available.

This is in no small part due to the fact that no commissions or fees will be charged to the trader. Combined with amenable entry levels and the ability to follow up to five experts, such social trading indeed has its benefits.

There are nonetheless a few drawbacks. As the number of top traders is still limited, overall results can be skewed in either direction.

Another significant disadvantage is that the client is unable to view which trader has contributed the most to their performance in either direction.

This may make interpreting results a bit difficult. Nonetheless, Ayondo is still growing. Should the number of top traders continue to increase, this platform may very well become extremely diversified.

As a fully functional demo account can be activated, it will be easy for the potential client to appreciate the overall functionality before making any final decision.

CFDs are leveraged products and can result in the loss of your capital. All trading involves risk. Past performance does not guarantee future results.

This post is for educational purposes and should not be considered as investment advice. All information collected from http: Open a demo account Visit Ayondo Full disclosure: What can you trade with Ayondo?

See Ayondo 's platforms Losses can exceed deposits. Low min deposit Accounts offered: Underlying Assets Ayondo offers a host of different instruments to trade.

Time Delays and Slippage These factors have been a concern with other social trading sites and are therefore worth mentioning. What are investors investing in?

Ayondo Post Reply Rate topic. Do you know what? It is the right not to invest in company you are not satisfied with.

Probably run of of retail buyers already so they now throw another fishing line to entice retailers to take the bait.

If you buy Ayondo ie: That why many ppl say sgx is like casino already: All prices from are delayed. ShareJunction does not provide you with any financial advice.

We are not into the business of providing any investment advice. See our Terms and Conditions and Privacy Policy of using this website.

Traders can also trade via various mobile devices including smartphones and tablets that run on iOS or Android operating systems. TradeHub Types of assets: Spreads are dynamic and are for informational purposes only. The average spread for gold across all brokers on BrokerNotes is 8. These accounts are sometimes referred to as swap-free accounts. The live trading account requires a minimum deposit of Zverev tennis This is an innovative trading platform designed by Ayondo with key inputs from the trading community. The Ayondo apps is great. To be honest though we prefer following or copying manual Beste Spielothek in Palingen finden instead of automated Beste Spielothek in Wachholderschenke finden robots. The average spread for Bitcoin across all brokers on BrokerNotes is Your capital is at risk. All trading involves best betting casino. The platform can be customised to the discrete preferences of the user; affording a faster trade execution.

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Hallo liebe Forenmitglieder, ich hoffe das ist hier der richtige Ort für meine Frage. Es ist Ihnen nicht erlaubt , auf Beiträge zu antworten. Ich habe da auch bereits ein Thema geöffnet. Rentasignal und Zipsignal sind Signalgeber, man zahlt nur für das Signal und hat keinen zusätzlichen Spread oder Kommission. Durch die viele Werbung von ayondo und anderen Anbietern bin ich auf das Thema Social Trading aufmerksam geworden. Ich habe nach Ablauf des Demokontos mein Livekonto noch etwas weiterlaufen lassen, um daraus einen Langzeittest zu machen. Wie sind den eure bisherigen Erfahrungen mit Ayondo. Was ist die Summe von: Ripple Krypto kostenlos handeln? Bitte sehr, Teil 2, diesmal die Echtgeldauswertung! Das trifft besonders auf Martingale und Gridstrategien zu. Nachdem ich in den ersten Monaten gut im Plus lag, bin ich nun deutlich im Minus. Die Schwierigkeit besteht hier hauptsächlich darin, die richtigen Top-Trader auszuwählen und im richtigen Verhältnis im Depot zu gewichten. Anmeldung und Überweisung alles sehr benutzerfreundlich. Der menschliche Geist ist grenzenlos kreativ. Zwar handelt es sich bei ayondo nicht um einen typischen CFD-Broker, aber dennoch wird Kunden das Trading natürlich ermöglicht. Zur Werkzeugleiste springen Über WordPress. Zuvor haben Trader die Möglichkeit, ein kostenloses Demokonto zu nutzen. Ich habe keine guten Erfahrungen mit Ayondo. Genau bedeutet dies, dass Positionen teilweise nicht mehr geöffnet oder geschlossen wurden. Die wesentliche Funktion besteht bei dieser Plattform darin, dass die Trades ausgewählter Trader automatisch kopiert werden können. Das vorherige Angebot, des Supports, ich sollte eine Überweisung tätigen und den Screenshot durchschicken, nutzte ich.

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